Transformer MAX

impregnation with extremely fast and strong colour intensification, after hardening the product is harmless to health upon contact with food products (certified by an external German testing institute). emission class A+ (confirmed by an external testing institute), beginning of protective effect (20°C): 5 - 10 min. Higher spreading rate: 30 – 50 m²/l (on polished surfaces)

Weather-resistant product for a very strong and durable colour intensification indoors and outdoors. Especially suited to adjust the colour of treated (light) edges and dripping surfaces to that of resin-treated (dark) surfaces of countertops. For natural stone, terrazzo, concrete ashlar and quartz. For brushed, glazed, fine ground and polished stone surfaces.

Transformer MAX
Transformer MAX
Transformer MAX
Transformer MAX
Transformer MAX
Transformer MAX
Protecting & Impregnating
Premium protection colour intensification
Fine-ground, Ground, Satinated, Antique, Sawn, Raugh sawn, Polished
Chemical basis
Method of application
Wide brush, Pad
Natural stone, Marble and limestone, Granite, Slate
Area of application
Kitchen, Bathroom & sanitary, Table & window sill, Gravestone & monument, Food area
Colour Container Size PU Item number
bottle 250 ml 20 12042
bottle 1000 ml 6 12043
canister 5000 ml 2 12044
Container bottle
Size 250
PU 20
Item number 12042
Container bottle
Size 1000
PU 6
Item number 12043
Container canister
Size 5000
PU 2
Item number 12044