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Especially in the cooler months, work processes can be accelerated with this adhesive, especially for flat bonding lightweight panels made of different materials with the backside of worktops made of natural stone or ceramics or bonding with substructures made of fiberglass composite or aluminum rods.

At a reference temperature of 20°C, the processing time is 3-5 minutes, sufficient to adjust parts to be bonded exactly.  Also the time for transportability of 20 to 30 minutes and load-bearing capacity of the bonding after 2 to 3 hours could nearly be halved in relation to AKEPUR 230. Furthermore the product is distinguished by a faster initial adhesion compared to AKEPUR 230.

AKEPUR 240 is available in white (Art. No. 11471) and black (Art. No. 11477) in the 920 g cartridge (approx. 600 ml).