Akemi joins stone to stone all over the world

The medium-sized company from Nuremberg expands. The economic section of der newspaper Nürnberger Zeitung in conversation with AKEMI managing director Dr. Dirk Hamann.
Nürnberger Zeitung, Issue April 13, 2019 (German version)


Newly set in scene

A report about the restoration of the natural stone facade of the Prešeren Theatre of the 1950s in Kranj, carried out with AKEMI products.
Stein, issue 04/2019 (German version)


Big investments

AKEMI expands its headquarters and takes over the company Gans Chemie. The magazine Naturstein speaks with the Managing Director of AKEMI, Dr. Dirk Hamann.
Naturstein, issue 02/2019 (German version)


We pack the case and take with us...

Interview with the Managing Director of AKEMI GmbH, Dr. Dirk Hamann in the run-up to Marmomac 2018
Stein, Issue 09/2018 (german version)


The fair is a must

Interview with the Managing Partner of AKEMI GmbH, Dr. Dirk Hamann at Stone+tec 2018.
Naturstein, Issue 06/2018 (german version)


Devlerin birlikteliği - Coexistence of the giants

Digalpa Kimya Sanayi A.S. signd a partnership agreement with Akemi Chemisch Technischen Spezialfabrik GmbH, a German company.
StoneWorld, 05/2018


Refreshing the kitchen worktop

The AKEMI application engineers explain step by step how to remove an old and dirty impregnation from a kitchen worktop and apply a protective new impregnation with colour intensification.
Naturstein, Issue 04/2018 (german version)

Current trends in construction chemistry

Interview with Dr. Dirk Hamann, Managing Partner of AKEMI GmbH
NürnbergMesse, 03/2018 (german version)

Important information for architects

Information on DNV architecture seminars in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart with the participation of AKEMI GmbH
Naturstein, Issue 03/2018 (german version)


Colour-accurate bonding

Virtually invisible adhesive and connection joints for natural and artificial stone, quartz composite and ceramics with Colour Bond, Akepox 5010 Coloured and Composil from AKEMI.
Naturstein, Issue 08/2017 (german version)

Worktop properly cleaned

AKEMI application engineer Johannes Albert describes step by step the correct cleaning and impregnation of a worktop made of gabbro.
Naturstein, Issue 01/2017 (german version)


Non-slip safety on slippery parquet

AKEPOX 4050 Anti-Slip Mix for safety on slippery stone surfaces.
Litos, Vol. 01/2017


Ambassador for natural stone

Naturstein Magazine in conversation with Dr. Dirk Hamann, the Managing Partner of AKEMI GmbH
Naturstein, Issue 01/2017 (german version)


Bonding of a staircase

Alpay GmbH Natursteinhandel in Ottensoos processes natural stone, quartz composite and ceramics. To bond a staircase for indoor use, it relies on products from AKEMI.
Naturstein, Issue 10/2016 (german version)


Medium-sized company with a license for bonding

Nuremberg-based AKEMI GmbH makes natural stones durable and beautiful.
Nuernberger Zeitung 08. August 2015 (german version)


Medium-sized comapny witn a license for bonding

Bavaria's most innovative company comes from Nuremberg.
Die Familienunternehmer ASU, 06/2015 (german version)


FAIR-HIGHLIGHT Special Show Technology & Chemistry

Stone+tec without AKEMI? Not possible! Managing Director Dr. Dirk Hamann explains why the trade fair is a must for him.
Naturstein, Issue 05/2015 (german version)


Make-Up for Notre-Dame

AKEMI products in use for facade renovations worldwide.
WiM, Issue 05/2014 (german version)


Protecting natural stone properly

With the rear coating of AKEMI, stains and blooming on natural stone caused by rising moisture are avoided.
GartenDesign, Issue 03/2014 (german version)


Cleaning and protection when laying natural stone outdoors

Expert Talk Advertorial
Naturstein, Issue 01/2014 (german version)


Give water no chance

25. Expert discusssion of the Naturstein Magazine
Naturstein, Issue 01/2014 (german version)


German Quality Made in India

AKEMI has opened a branch in the south of India.
Naturstein, Issue 09/2013 (german version)


Does resin change the stones?

Does resination make sense? To what extent can and should nature be helped?
Stein, Issue 07/2012 (german version)