We pack the case and take with us...

Interview with the Managing Director of AKEMI GmbH, Dr. Dirk Hamann in the run-up to Marmomac 2018
Stein, Issue 09/2018 (german version)


The fair is a must

Interview with the Managing Partner of AKEMI GmbH, Dr. Dirk Hamann at Stone+tec 2018.
Naturstein, Issue 06/2018 (german version)


Devlerin birlikteliği - Coexistence of the giants

Digalpa Kimya Sanayi A.S. signd a partnership agreement with Akemi Chemisch Technischen Spezialfabrik GmbH, a German company.
StoneWorld, 05/2018


Refreshing the kitchen worktop

The AKEMI application engineers explain step by step how to remove an old and dirty impregnation from a kitchen worktop and apply a protective new impregnation with colour intensification.
Naturstein, Issue 04/2018 (german version)

Current trends in construction chemistry

Interview with Dr. Dirk Hamann, Managing Partner of AKEMI GmbH
NürnbergMesse, 03/2018 (german version)

Important information for architects

Information on DNV architecture seminars in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart with the participation of AKEMI GmbH
Naturstein, Issue 03/2018 (german version)


Colour-accurate bonding

Virtually invisible adhesive and connection joints for natural and artificial stone, quartz composite and ceramics with Colour Bond, Akepox 5010 Coloured and Composil from AKEMI.
Naturstein, Issue 08/2017 (german version)

Worktop properly cleaned

AKEMI application engineer Johannes Albert describes step by step the correct cleaning and impregnation of a worktop made of gabbro.
Naturstein, Issue 01/2017 (german version)


Non-slip safety on slippery parquet

AKEPOX 4050 Anti-Slip Mix for safety on slippery stone surfaces.
Litos, Vol. 01/2017


Ambassador for natural stone

Naturstein Magazine in conversation with Dr. Dirk Hamann, the Managing Partner of AKEMI GmbH
Naturstein, Issue 01/2017 (german version)


Bonding of a staircase

Alpay GmbH Natursteinhandel in Ottensoos processes natural stone, quartz composite and ceramics. To bond a staircase for indoor use, it relies on products from AKEMI.
Naturstein, Issue 10/2016 (german version)


Medium-sized company with a license for bonding

Nuremberg-based AKEMI GmbH makes natural stones durable and beautiful.
Nuernberger Zeitung 08. August 2015 (german version)


Medium-sized comapny witn a license for bonding

Bavaria's most innovative company comes from Nuremberg.
Die Familienunternehmer ASU, 06/2015 (german version)


FAIR-HIGHLIGHT Special Show Technology & Chemistry

Stone+tec without AKEMI? Not possible! Managing Director Dr. Dirk Hamann explains why the trade fair is a must for him.
Naturstein, Issue 05/2015 (german version)


Make-Up for Notre-Dame

AKEMI products in use for facade renovations worldwide.
WiM, Issue 05/2014 (german version)


Protecting natural stone properly

With the rear coating of AKEMI, stains and blooming on natural stone caused by rising moisture are avoided.
GartenDesign, Issue 03/2014 (german version)


Cleaning and protection when laying natural stone outdoors

Expert Talk Advertorial
Naturstein, Issue 01/2014 (german version)


Give water no chance

25. Expert discusssion of the Naturstein Magazine
Naturstein, Issue 01/2014 (german version)


German Quality Made in India

AKEMI has opened a branch in the south of India.
Naturstein, Issue 09/2013 (german version)


Does resin change the stones?

Does resination make sense? To what extent can and should nature be helped?
Stein, Issue 07/2012 (german version)